Kent Sterling Finds His Inner Anger, and Lets It Go by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

My decision seconds after getting the boot at Emmis Indianapolis was to move on, get busy, and find another challenge.  That process was made easier a few days later when my wife said we had been hurtling toward unresolvable domestic issues if there hadn’t been a change in my approach to work.

Delegation was not at the top of my professional tool box, and I knew it, but thought I could figure it out over the next year or so.  It wasn’t that I felt I had to do everything, but that I couldn’t let go of my investment in the result.  Given two radio stations to sweat, I was up to my ass in emotional investment.  That left little room for Julie.

Okay.  Good.  Move forward.  Don’t whine.  Work at something, and if you didn’t get paid, who cares.  Keep moving.  Self pity is always wasted energy, but sometimes it might be good to reflect for a second or two.  That is something I did not do.  I had lunches with dozens of friends that served as cheap therapy, but my focus was more toward convincing everyone that my unceremonious dumping was not the end of anything, but a long-overdue beginning of uncharted and undreamed of new challenges.

The only problem with all that was the dishonesty – not in the conversations with friends, but with myself.  As time has gone on, I’ve come to the realization that I am pissed.  In my mind, my firing isn’t just a slap in my face, but in the face of the Emmis culture I have been a part of for more than a third of my life.


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