Truth’s Tuesday Top Five– 3:30 p.m. Kick-Off is Prime Time for Indiana by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

In my tenure here at Indiana, I have been filled to the brim with Saturday noon kick-offs, but this year has deviated from the norm.  It’s undeniable that the Hoosiers will play their fair share of 12 o’clock games, but their first true test and Big Ten opponent will have to wait till 3:30 to face the mighty Hoosiers.

I believe I speak for all students when I say 3:30 is a prime time for football and here is why:

5) Pre-gaming for the tailgate is no longer a hassle- The persistent feeling that follows you that can best be described as, HAVING to drink, is a feeling that never ends well.  Lately, this feeling has become way more common than it used to.  Occasionally, I feel as if I am almost supposed to drink rather than wanting to drink.  To all those freshmen and sophomores, you likely think I’m half nuts, but when your a senior drinking is just not as appealing.  However, with all that being said, tailgating is the one college event that I will do until I’m six feet under ground.  And believe it or not parents, pre-gaming for tailgates is part of tailgating.  Just accept it.

4) “Brunch” tailgates- Possibly the most anticipated tailgate of the season for this lone reason.  A college students wallet is paper thin, so free food and beverages are a bright light in a dark room.  Typically, my Uncle Bill marinates brats in beer, onions, and butter–a delightful treat–but this tailgate I expect him to whip up some eggs, bacon, and sausage prior to the brat fest.  Sometimes you publicly have to call out a member of your squad in order for them to step up their game.


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