Injury Riddled Purdue is Recovering by jimjohnsonpbm

by Jim Johnson

It’s not like Purdue is going to be able to walk into Ross-Ade Stadium on Saturday and blast past the Rockets.

Purdue doesn’t have much of an advantage over Toledo when looking at the history of the two teams’ meetings.

The Boilermakers are 3-2 in its series with the Rockets. Purdue’s longest winning streak against Toledo is two games – which is the last two meetings, including a 52-31 win a year ago.

Not to mention, Purdue is injury riddled, but improving.

Quarterback Robert Marve came out of the game late in the third quarter, but it was late in the second half that he injured his right knee on a quarterback sneak play on 4-and-1.

I’ve said it before, Marve plays so hard, he gets hurt or he’s really going to hurt himself – just like Bob Sanders of the Colts.

Marve said on the run he was in a position where he couldn’t move and a helmet caught him in the knee. According to the transcript of Purdue coach Danny Hope’s Tuesday press conference, it was a deep bruise and he is expected to play.

If he doesn’t play? Well, Rob Henry will step in again at the quarterback spot. Henry had 65 yards rushing on 10 carries last week and became the first quarterback to lead the tam in rushing since Joey Elliott in 2009.

But why is it so important that Marve does play? The Big Ten part of the schedule is nearing and Marve is going to be key if Purdue is going to have any sort of success.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Marve doesn’t play though. I wasn’t able to capture the tone or the mood from reading the transcripts of Hope’s press conference, but he certainly didn’t elaborate. It was almost like he shut it down.

Not to mention that after the game on Saturday, Marve downplayed the injury to his knee. It’s the same knee he surgery on in 2009 to repair a torn ACL, which appeared to be wrapped still after the game.

RB Dan Dierking was also injured with bruised ribs and had limited playing time last week and didn’t even practice in preparation for the Ball State game.

Hope said he expects Dierking to play against Toledo.

This team, even if Keith Smith is out for the season, has potential to be really good and do some really good things. Health is obviously important and the top two significant keys for Purdue at this point is getting healthy and learning how to thrown the long ball.

The running game has been impressive to me with everyone Purdue has to mix into the running game. But those long pass plays are needed from time to time. Marve can throw the ball. It just seems, to me anyway, its a matter of having a guy there to catch it.

While health is on the mind of Purdue right now, Hope said he sent a message to Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio who suffered a heart attack last week.

Hope told the media on Tuesday that the job of a head football coach is rather stressful and talked about the stress of the job and about how much time the occupation takes.

“You guys can be nicer and make it a lot easier,” Hope said laughing. “But it’s very stressful. The hours, it’s total life consuming. During the season if it was an 80-hour week, a short week, and you usually dip into the 100-hour week. Those aren’t exaggerations, those are legit, and it goes on for hundreds of days in a row. The bigger it gets, the bigger it gets and the more there is. So it is total life consuming, and it is fast-paced, and it’s a stressful occupation in a lot of ways.”

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