Sports From the Couch–Does Fred Glass Have the Onions to Fire Bill Lynch by jshowal2

By Jeff Showalter

Bill Lynch doing his Bob Knight impression

Face it Hoosier fans, Football is still a three or four week season until basketball practice starts. Even though the basketball program is still pretty sad, it is in far better shape then the misguided mess that is IU football. IU football, except for one Rose Bowl and a few mediocre years under Bill Mallory, has been a disaster for as long as they have played the sport. Today, as Ohio State laughs at the current cream and crimson squad, Athletic Director Fred Glass has to decide the future of the football program. Continue to be losers, under Bill Lynch, or wipe the slate clean and pony up some real cash and get a qualified football coach to come to Bloomington.

Bill Lynch may be a great guy. Don’t know the man. I do know this, he can’t game plan. IU can not make necessary changes at halftime to win games.  Lynch isn’t smart enough to figure out that you can’t start a bunch of slow guys on defense and expect to hold good teams under forty.  The current IU head coach thinks some offense called “the pistol” should be the choice of offense because Western Kentucky and Indian State can’t stop it. Obviously he doesn’t care traditionally good football programs with ample talent (not yet Michigan) cant crush the offense by pressuring the QB and playing man to man on the wide receivers. I know Lynch choked away numerous games last year by making poor adjustments at halftime and letting offensive coordinator Matt Canada make some really poor play call choices late in those games.  I know Lynch has “co defensive coordinators” and neither of those coaches can coach up mediocre talent to be any better then the worst defensive team in the Big 10.

As bad as IU football, in it’s current state is, does AD Glass have the onions to change it. Sure IU may have new facilities and new scoreboards and the largest weight room in the country, but if you don’t have a good head coach then none of that matters.  That’s where IU is. The hangover from former IU coach Terry Hoeppner’s untimely demise is over. That happened A LONG time ago. It’s ok to fire Lynch.  Every year Lynch stays. that is four extra years to stay mediocre. You have the facilities, now go get the coach. Can Glass “sack up” and make the call?  I’m betting against it but he needs to. If Glass is committed to build IU football to a level of respectability, then it is time to get started.

IU hasn’t beat OSU since 1988 (I was there). The following is a list of the other Big 10 schools and the last time they beat the Buckeyes.

Purdue 2009, PSU 2008, NU-UW-Iowa 2004, Mich 2003, Minny 2000 and MSU 1999.  IU is 1988 folks. That is pathetic. IU is pathetic. Is Fred Glass going to fix it? Does he have the balls?



Sports From the Couch-Views From the Couch by jshowal2

By Jeff Showalter

It’s time to take a look back and then look ahead at what’s going on in this crazy little world of sports.

Bad news for Colts fans as Melvin Bullitt is gone for the year with a broken bone in the shoulder. I’m amazed Bullitt has lasted as long as he has considering the dude ways a buck ninety at most. I don’t care what the Colts say he ways. The Couch has stood beside Bullitt and there is no way he is over 2 bills. With Silva out, Bullitt out and Sanders out (like that was a shock), it looks like the Colts are going to be looking for a safety. You can only take “next man up” so far and Safety is too big a deal in the cover 2 defense. Tampa Bay is also looking so I would guess the Bucs list would be similar to the Colts since they play the same D.

Look Hoosier football fans, I wanted my alma mater to win as much as the rest of you but let us be honest for a minute. Bill Lynch isn’t going to win you a lot of football games with his coaching expertise. If the dude could coach, he wouldn’t be at Indiana. You can not have “co-defensive coordinators”. All that means is both guys suck and what you get is a defense that is SLOW, unprepared and incapable. Chappell threw for 480, but when you know your defense is jello, you have to have a QB that is perfect. Not many QB’s are perfect. IU does need to throw downfield more because good defensive teams are going to keep 8 back and bust the wide receivers up on these short routes.  IU has to stretch the defense. Of course after OSU hangs forty on the Cream and Crimson Saturday, it will begin to look more and more like another 4-8 season in B’Town.

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Mark Patrick on Indiana Hoosiers Football and Coach Bill Lynch’s Future by kentsterling
September 21, 2010, 9:16 am
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by Kent Sterling

Each weekday, Mark Patrick talks sports on his WNDE show from 3p-7p.  He’s an Indianapolis sports broadcasting icon who is as well-known for his wit and his extensive knowledge of local teams and players.

Patrick grew up in Indianapolis, and is one of the few people in broadcasting who has managed to spend virtually his entire career in his hometown.  That just doesn’t happen.

There are hosts who grow into broadcasters and then broadcasters who are simply supposed to be hosts, and that’s Mark.

His return to WNDE after some time on XM was good news for radio listeners, providing another excellent local show for sports fan.

In the video, Mark talks about the Indiana Hoosiers football team and the future of the program under head coach Bill Lynch.

Kravitz & Eddie: IU Football – Will Bill Lynch Be Back? by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

After allowing 63 points to the University of Kentucky on Saturday, the Hoosiers would seemingly have an easy time of it this Saturday in Bowling Green against Western Kentucky.

The second game on IU’s schedule is a nightmare for IU and coach Bill Lynch.  Talk about no-win scenarios.  Win and it’s of course you won.  Lose and the wagons need to circle.  Coaching in the SEC is nerve-wracking.  Every game is against a quality opponent and the fans are deranged.  Coaching at Indiana where the non-conference schedule is softer than a handful of Charmin is worse.  One bobble, one muff, one bad night, and it’s almost impossible to not call for Bill Lynch’s head.

Western Kentucky has not won a game since September 20, 2008, when they bloodied the vaunted Murray State Racers 50-9 in what has to be one of the darkest hours in the history of Murray State University.

Lynch is one of the nicest men in college athletics.  He’s honest and direct while also engaging and concerned about the kids.  He’s one of the few people in college coaching who say the right things and have you believe he means them.  Every coach knows his gig is on the line based upon wins and losses.  Some coach to that.  Others try to do something more for the kids – make sure they graduate; make sure they learn something that will help them be better men and fathers; make sure they behave honorably despite the temptation to take shortcuts.  That is Bill Lynch.

Indiana has always been about more than wins and losses.  When the basketball mosied down the road of moral turpitude in the name of on-court excellence, Indiana fans were outraged.  That has never been a problem for the football team, who has never been expected to win – even when they were pretty good.  Each win was a gift.

Kravitz & Eddie have their own take on what this season will hold for IU and on whether Bill Lynch should or will be back in Bloomington after this season:

Here We Go – Football Is Back by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

Seasons change and so do I, you need not wonder why. no time for revolving doors … no time left for you,” the Guess Who.

What revolving doors have to do with the constant of time forging ahead is anyone’s guess, but Labor Day is when the sports season rolls over and watching TV on the weekends gets interesting again.  Pro and college football are back, camps for NBA teams will open before the end of the month, baseball gets interesting, and college hoops are right around the corner.

The Indianapolis Colts are trying to extend their record for consecutive 12-win seasons to an amazing eight, and their run of playoff appearances to nine straight.  Peyton Manning shoots for his fifth NFL MVP Award as the Colts return virtually everyone.  Going against them is a fallacy of the so-called Super Bowl curse – the loser has missed the playoffs the following year more often than not over the past decade – and the inevitability of age and bad breaks catching up with the Colts.

First up is a stiff test on the road against the Houston Texans next Sunday at 1 p.m.  Gary Kubiak’s squad seems each year to edge closer to excellence, but losses to the Colts have been a part of their routine since joining the NFL.

The Indiana Hoosiers are trying to take the next step toward earning a bowl berth more than once every 17 seasons.  They’ve closed the end zone and filled it with a weight room that is the largest in college athletics.  The scoreboard in the south end zone is huge, and coach Bill Lynch is hoping that his young defense develops quickly enough to keep opponents from filling it with scoring plays.

They soundly beat Towson, but even the Hoosiers should expect to crush them.  This week, they’re off, and then it’s on to Western Kentucky to battle the woeful Hilltoppers.  Then they host Akron before opening Big Ten play at home against Michigan at Memorial Stadium.  Four certain wins should bring a bowl berth within reach.  The bad thing about scheduling patsies in the four non-conference games is that a loss is crippling.  If the Hoosiers find a way to lose any of the remaining three, it would be almost certain career suicide for Lynch.

The Hoosiers need to fill that stadium, and fans aren’t going to brave the construction traffic on State Road 46 to watch a team that loses to Western, Akron, or Arkansas State.

Purdue is trying to find a way to creep into the upper-echelon of the Big Ten with Robert Marve – former Mr.Football in Florida.  Things didn’t get off to a great start Saturday as they were the first victim of Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly.  While the Fighting Irish are an outstanding opponent, the Boilermakers enter the patsy zone of their schedule this week as they host Western Illinois, Ball State, and Toledo over the next three weeks.

The Indiana Pacers are three weeks from opening camp, and with shiny new point guard Darren Collison, they have reason for a little optimism.  After winning only 32 games last year, the Pacers are ready to take a few chances with their roster.  Fans and the franchise have had next season circled for a few years because of the tonnage of contracts scheduled to expire after this season, but Larry Bird looks like, entering the final year of his contract, he is going to make moves to try to get the roster straightened out.

They still lack the superstar necessary to compete for a championship, but a trip to the playoffs is within reach, and that would bring some much-needed positive momentum for a fanbase that has largely moved on to attending events other than Pacers games.

Lance Stephenson and Brandon Rush have not helped matters through their foolish decisions.  Rush tested positive for pot a third time, and now faces a 10-game suspension.  Stephenson’s girlfriend wound up at the bottom of a staircase – either by falling or being shoved by Stephenson – and then allegedly had her head banged into a step by the very talented kid who turned 20 yesterday.  If convicted of the felony charges he faces, jail time is a virtual certainty.

If Tyler Hansbrough can battle back from whatever has caused his vertigo, that would help compensate for Rush and Stephenson’s prolonged absences.

Regardless of the successes and failures of the Indiana area teams, it’s going to be a hell of a lot more fun to watch than the endless meaningless and passionless Cubs games that have made this summer one of their worst in recent memory.  The Colts, Hoosiers, Boilers, and Pacers are going to make this an interesting fall, and I’m ready to enjoy some relevant competition.

Sports From the Couch-Views From the Couch by jshowal2

By Jeff Showalter

The Couch is back for a review of the world we live in.

Some things haven’t really changed over the past few weeks, even months so we can do a quick review of these issues.

Cubs Suck. Check

Pacers are a mess. Check

Reds are still playing good baseball. Check

Tom Crean can’t recruit Indiana talent. Check

Obama is destroying the country. Check

OK, now lets get to the new material.

Gordon Hayward will be serving up plenty of crow this year in Salt Lack City. Hayward was picked ninth and the Mormons didn’t like it one bit. One, Utah fans should just be glad people are willing to go to Salt Lake for more then a ski trip and two, Jerry Sloan does a helluva lot with average talent. He’ll do just fine getting Gordon ready for the League. Continue reading