UFC 119 Fighters Meet the Press This Afternoon at Murat by wesreynolds
September 23, 2010, 7:50 pm
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by Wes Reynolds

Earlier this afternoon the UFC conducted its pre-fight press conference before Saturday’s event at Conseco Fieldhouse. I’ve seen enough of these pressers online so I knew what to expect; however, I did receive a few eye-openers in a variety of areas.

As you can see there are various highlights (provided by our friends at Heavy, since this reporter needs work at operating a handheld HD video camera. Dammit Jim, I’m a writer NOT a cameraman) from today’s conference. First and foremost, Mirko Cro Cop’s eye is supposedly healed and will fight on Saturday in the main event against Frank Mir. I can’t help but be somewhat cynical though since the future was so bright that he had to wear shades. Big, big shades. Cro Cop’s status was a question mark up until early this week and had to be examined by a local ophthalmologist in order to be cleared by the state commission.

The stars of this press conference were local Indianapolis firefighter Chris Lytle and his opponent, charismatic New Yorker Matt Serra. When asked why he fights for a living, Lytle gave the money quote of the whole 45-minute event. “You know I got four kids at home, I got a lot of pent-up rage. I can never hit them, so I gotta hit somebody.” Lytle further said, “It’s my therapy. It’s either go to a therapist or do this.” Lytle was also asked about his obvious change to a more g0-for-broke style after his loss to Serra in 2006. “I look to finish fights. If it goes the distance, I automatically feel that I didn’t do something right.”

Serra and Lytle have a mini-rivalry based on mutual respect and each man put the other man over huge as a great fighter and even better person. Serra is a very likeable guy, but will be very comfortable wearing the black hat as he was back at UFC 83 in April of 2008.

Serra was then the UFC Welterweight Champion after defeating now-current champion Georges St. Pierre (more commonly known as GSP) one year before at UFC 69 in Houston. The UFC 83 rematch was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, GSP’s hometown. As you can see, Serra got more than a “Bronx cheer” from the French-Canadian crowd. Needless to say, Serra is more than used to being the away team in the octagon.

Near the end of the presser, UFC President Dana White opened it up to receive a couple of questions from the fans. The final fan question that was asked turned out to be the best question of the press conference. White was asked about what had transpired with the failed drug test of Chael Sonnen, who was in the main event of UFC 117 in August and did everything but win against UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. Sonnen tested positive for a PED (performance-enhancing drug) and faces a one-year suspension from the CSAC (California State Athletic Commission) pending his appeal. White gave a very brief and p.c. answer regarding the commission, but the answer didn’t interest me as much as the fact that the hardest question was asked by a FAN, not a reporter. Anyone who likes to poke fun at MMA fans, like several of yesterday’s dunderhead callers to JMV’s radio program, should watch this press conference in full. MMA is the first sport to really establish its ascendancy in the internet age and its fans are very internet savvy and consume a ton of news about the sport on a daily basis. You can’t b.s. these fans.

Perhaps many reporters had egg on their respective faces for not asking about the elephant in the room, which was Sonnen’s positive drug test. After the presser, White was peppered with questions about the topic and his answers were not as genial and composed as they were behind the podium.

That’s one of the main things that MMA fans love about Dana White. He’s brutally honest and sometimes that honesty and foul language gets him in trouble. On the other hand, he is the most accessible leader of his sport to his fans by a country mile. You will never see Roger Goodell, Bud Selig, David Stern or Gary Bettman responding to fans’ e-mails or Tweets. In terms of the drug testing topic, he makes a lot of sense. He can’t take away a fighter’s livelihood and UFC does spend a ton of money on paying for drug testing everywhere they go. It is difficult to randomly drug test fighters throughout the year because they live all over the world, unlike in WWE (Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment) where they bring the testing to the various arenas because the entire talent roster is there for their shows. White wants to drive drugs out of the entire sport of MMA and I believe he is sincere about it. However, the UFC has to try new things (random testing from an outside company) and perhaps spend even more money to do so.

Other random musings include seeing how out-of-place Rick Fuson, Pacers Sports & Entertainment Executive Senior Vice President/Executive Director of Conseco Fieldhouse, looked in introducing Dana White at the beginning of the press conference. Fuson stood up there prim and proper in his Brooks Brothers suit and all of a sudden here comes White in a black t-shirt and jeans. I’m sure Fuson knows absolutely nothing about MMA, but all he has to know is that it is likely to fill his building up on Saturday. He probably wishes UFC could do monthly shows and sell out the arena like the great Dick the Bruiser used to do at MSA in the 1970’s when rasslin’ came to town. Perhaps if that happened, PS&E wouldn’t have needed that $33.5 million gift (or as they like to term it, “loan”) from the CIB and Indianapolis taxpayers.

In addition, I have decided to look at career options in sports media (mainly online and perhaps radio because I may have a face a mother could love, but not for TV), but I received a dose of reality when I saw two local TV stations send their sports reporters to cover the event today and they were operating their own cameras. Local newsrooms either must be slashing their budgets and couldn’t afford to send a reporter and a cameraman, or they don’t look at Saturday’s event as a big deal.

One thing is for certain that the likely sell-out crowd on Saturday thinks UFC is a big deal. One can only wonder if the mainstream media will realize that someday.


Examining UFC’s Indianapolis Debut from a Business Perspective by wesreynolds
September 22, 2010, 8:03 pm
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by Wes Reynolds

If you listened to sports talk radio this afternoon, most notably 1070 the Fan, or watched your evening newscasts tonight, you FINALLY heard something about the UFC coming to Indianapolis. It wasn’t featured on any of the Sunday night sports shows due to the Sunday night Colts 38-14 win over the New York Giants. As an avid fan of mixed martial arts, I am dismayed by the lack of coverage for this event and the lack of curiosity by the local sports media. On the other hand as an avid fan of MMA who has some knowledge of the sport, I can sort of understand why this event is just being treated like another event and not as a big deal.

This afternoon we heard from a certain local radio host that UFC  is expecting a sellout for this event. That sellout may happen, and that is a tremendous accomplishment in this economy. As of early today, the event had sold 11,500 tickets (paid attendance) out of a set capacity of 13,000 (likely some of the upper obstructed view seats will be papered since you can’t see the scoreboard/jumbotron plus fighter, sponsor and local dignitaries/celeb comps) for a gate of around $1.5 million. However, there are still tickets available particularly on the floor in the $300 range. What has happened is the ticket buyers and brokers have bought all the intermediate price points in the lower bowl and club level ($100-$200 range) and haven’t been buying the floor and ringside seats, which usually go for about $600 a pop. The ticket prices are substantially lower for this event and you can even find tickets as low as $75 for this event, which is cheap and I would highly recommend buying those if you are only a casual fan and have never seen a UFC event live. Even in the nosebleeds, it’s a cool event to see in person.

SeatGeek, a ticket-search engine, posted a blog today discussing the UFC 119 event. In their most recent blog post, they analyze the average ticket prices for the previous event in Boston (UFC 118), the event Saturday at Conseco (UFC 119), and the next two shows in October (UFC 120 in London and UFC 121 in Anaheim).

As you can see in the above graph, the average ticket price is only $124 and substantially less than the previous event in Boston and the next two events. This is due to a wide variety of factors:

  • There is not a title fight headlining this card unlike at UFC 118 (Frankie Edgar-BJ Penn II for the Lightweight Title) or UFC 121 (Brock Lesnar-Cain Velasquez for the Heavyweight Title). UFC 120 also does not have a title fight headliner, but they do have Michael Bisping, the UK’s biggest MMA draw and winner of SPIKE TV’s The Ultimate Fighter season 3, in their main event.
  • Boston, Orange County and London are bigger markets.
  • This show is seen by hardcore MMA media as well as fans as a throw-away buffer show in between two larger domestic events. In fact, most of the MMA exclusive websites on the web have taken a collective giant piss on this card.

Some of the criticism is unfair because the quality and competitiveness of the fights on this card are quite good, but it does lack a true headlining superstar like a Brock Lesnar (UFC Heavyweight Champion) or Georges St. Pierre (UFC Welterweight Champion). While the fights on this show should be close and competitive, none of them have any immediate title implications. You will see two exciting, young and undefeated American prospects including Ryan Bader (vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira) and Evan Dunham (vs. former Lightweight champion Sean Sherk) who may be top contenders in one to two years. The Chris Lytle-Matt Serra rematch should be close just like their first fight in the summer of 2006. The main event between Frank Mir and Mirko Cro Cop, who was cleared to fight yesterday, is basically a crossroads fight between two heavyweights just looking to stay in the mix.

In terms of pay-per-view buys, the base buyrate of an average pay-per-view has settled at about 350,000 buys.  Here are the recent buyrates for UFC PPV’s.

  • UFC 118 (August 28 in Boston) – headlined by Frankie Edgar (Lightweight Champ) vs. BJ Penn II – 570,000
  • UFC 117 (August 7 in Oakland) – headlined by Anderson Silva (Middleweight Champ) vs. Chael Sonnen -600,000
  • UFC 116 (July 3 in Las Vegas) – headlined by Brock Lesnar (Heavyweight Champ) vs. Shane Carwin – 1,160,000
  • UFC 115 (June 12 in Vancouver) – headlined by Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin – 520,000
  • UFC 114 (May 29 in Las Vegas) – headlined by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Rashad Evans – 1,050,000
  • UFC 113 (May 8 in Montreal) – headlined by Lyoto Machida (then-Lt. Heavweight Champ) vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua – 520,000

The first three PPV’s of the year only drew 300, 275 and 250 (in thousands) respectively due to massive injuries that forced late changes to the various cards. I think this will draw about 285,000. If this draws above the base of 350,000, then UFC President Dana White and company should be doing cartwheels down Las Vegas Boulevard. The UFC has largely avoided the mistakes boxing has made including actually building a brand (what is boxing’s brand?), putting more fights on free television, not placing fights on PPV that don’t have an interest (like boxing does routinely). If you have ever heard a Dana White press conference, he says they are coming everywhere and anywhere and they want to continue to grow the sport of MMA and the brand of UFC. However, the difficult part is happening right now. How do you continue to grow the sport without over-saturating the market and running too many shows?

The same radio host I mentioned above posted a blog question of whether this weekend’s UFC will be a one-time event or the first of many? I slightly disagree with the premise of this question because there are several North American markets in which the UFC has not run shows. At the top of the list is New York City, where a bill to regulate the sport just passed this passed June and is now slated to go the state assembly’s Ways & Means Committee. This weekend’s UFC may very well be successful in terms of the live gate and attendance, but it doesn’t mean it will be coming back every single year. After all, they run at least 4-5 shows in Las Vegas, 1-2 shows in California, so they can only go to so many cities each year. Many MMA experts feel they are running too many shows already.

I am personally hoping the event this weekend does well because there is a loyal and growing fanbase for MMA in this market. The hardcores will either attend the show live or buy it on PPV. The question remains whether the casual fans will care enough about this show.

Mild Question Mark Currently Surrounding Saturday’s UFC 119 Main Event at Conseco by wesreynolds

by Wes Reynolds

UFC President Dana White said earlier today that Mirko Cro Cop did get poked in the eye a few days ago during a sparring session and has blood in his eye. However, Cro Cop did contact UFC immediately after the injury and his ophthalmologist cleared him to fight.  They also took X-rays which were shown to the UFC’s doctors located in Las Vegas where the UFC is also headquartered. The doctors viewed the X-rays and said there was no sign of a structural injury.  White said that as soon as Cro Cop lands in Indianapolis, they are going to put him through a battery of tests, but he is cleared to fight as of now.

Remember that this card already had one main event change when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was forced to pull out of the fight with Frank Mir due to a knee injury. If Mirko cannot fight, this would be a disaster for this show and force the UFC to scramble on very short notice to find a replacement. However, he is still scheduled to fight this Saturday night as of today.

The bigger story in UFC that broke today is the news that Chael Sonnen received a positive drug test from his August 8 fight with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

According to a report today by Greg Savage of Sherdog.com, Chael Sonnen failed a drug test taken from his 8/8 fight with Anderson Silva in Oakland for the UFC middleweight title.

The report lists George Dodd, the new Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission, as the source, who mentioned it to Savage at last night’s Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora boxing match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Sonnen was also told on Friday about the positive test result.

If this was a positive test for a recreational drug like marijuana or cocaine, the results would have come back a while ago. Therefore, this result would indicate a performance enhancing drug test, which in California brings a one year suspension.  This would also eliminate the planned Silva vs. Sonnen rematch for early next year, which, with the exception of heavyweight title fights involving Brock Lesnar, looked to be the biggest money-making match the company had on the table.

Chael Sonnen had won a ton of new fans from his superb performance in defeat against arguably the #1 pound-for-pound best mixed martial artist in the world. This does tremendous damage to his reputation and absolutely kills not only his own momentum, but the momentum for this potential megafight.

The Scout 2.0’s Week #2 NFL Selections by wesreynolds
September 19, 2010, 11:57 am
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by Wes Reynolds

5-7-1 last week. Did much better in our site’s Pick’em Challenge, but those are easier lines. One common theme you will notice throughout the picks is that people tend to overreact to what they saw in Week 1. That’s what the oddsmakers want you to do.

Cleveland (-3) over Kansas City

KC overvalued off their win on Monday Night.

Buffalo/Green Bay Under 43

Cincinnati (+2.5) or (+3) (-125) over Baltimore 

Baltimore’s weakest part of their defense is the secondary. Bungles can exploit it.

Pittsburgh (+6) @ Tennessee

Titans had a beatdown in Week 1, but they played the Raiders.

Detroit (+7) (-120) over Philadelphia

Most think Detroit will fold after that horrible rule that went against them and Calvin Johnson last week. I think it motivates them.  Vick sparked the Eagles last week, but know he is back to starting. All the media are saying that Mike Vick is back. When the media jumps on a bandwagon, I go the other way.

Chicago (+7.5) @ Dallas

Chicago had well north of 400 yards versus Detroit and everyone is thinking they should have lost because of the bad rule against Calvin Johnson. Dallas looked bad in Week 1, especially offensively, so everyone thinks they rebound easily here. Not I.

Carolina (-3) over Tampa Bay

Miami (+5.5) @ Minnesota

This is a REALLY soft line for Minnesota to cover. That immediately makes me look towards Miami because this line stinks to high heaven.

St. Louis (+3.5) @ Oakland

Seattle/Denver Over 39.5

Washington (+3) (-120) over Houston

Talk about overhyped. Houston just won their biggest game in franchise history and now they take on Washington, who the public is down on because they didn’t score an offensive TD. This is the lock of the week.

NY Jets (+3) over New England

Yet another game where you can’t look too much at Week 1. Pats looked dominant and probably had the best performance of the week, while the Jets had only six first downs on Monday night. Pats defense is young and can be exploited even by the Jets offense.

NY Giants/Indianapolis Under 48.5

I don’t see the Giants running as well on the Colts. Granted, the Colts rush defense is not great, but keep in mind the Texans run the perfect running scheme (zone-blocking) against the Colts defense.

San Francisco (+6) over New Orleans

The don’t make sense play of the week. Super Bowl Champ Saints go to play the Niners who seem to be in disarray after their atrocious loss in Seattle. Go against the grain here.

Good luck on your plays.

The Scout 2.0’s Week #3 College Selections by wesreynolds
September 17, 2010, 8:24 pm
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by Wes Reynolds

Last week’s first foray into handicapping on this blog logged a 10-7  (59%) record.

Here we go with  Week #3:

Ball State (+16.5 or +17) @ Purdue – 12 PM Big Ten Network

Ball State comes off a home loss to FCS school Liberty. Liberty?!?!? Like Kansas last week when they upset Georgia Tech as 2 TD underdogs, I tend to take teams off atrocious losses. One thing that ESPN’s and former Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz always says that’s actually a salient point (unlike most of his babble and failing to use punctuation in finishing a thought before going into another one) is that you never have the same team each week. This works in this game. True freshman Keith Wenning won the QB job from Kelly Page.

Purdue is still trying to work their new QB Robert Marve into the flow of the offense.  Purdue beat Western Illinois by 10 last week, but actually got outyarded in the stats (406-402). You don’t take big favorites with mediocre to bad defenses. Purdue is expecting to roll Ball State with no problems, but I think BSU will be focused here. BSU, as a 2-10 club last year, covered at Auburn. The year before when they were 12-2, they won at Indiana. In 2007, they nearly won  at Nebraska and also covered the spread at Illinois. In 2006, they covered the spread vs. Indiana, at Purdue and at Michigan. BSU won’t be intimidated here.

Ohio (+30.5) @ Ohio State and Over 44.5 – 12 PM Big Ten Network

Ohio State comes off their big statement win over the “U” (Miami, FL). Ohio lost at home as 10-point favorites to Toledo.  Ohio played the Buckeyes tough in 08′ when they only lost by 12. All these MAC schools in the state of Ohio have teams full of kids that probably wanted to play for the Buckeyes. OSU may come out a little flat here off their big win last week.

Kent State (+21.5) @ Penn State – 12 PM ESPN2

The MAC versus Big Ten theme continues. Kent State held talented Boston  College RB Montell Harris to 80 yards rushing. They are fairly decent against the run. They will stack the box and force Penn State freshman QB Robert Bolden to beat them through the air. Paterno is never one to run up the score either.

Virginia Tech (-19.5) vs.  East Carolina – 1:30 PM ESPN3

Va Tech comes off the embarrassing loss at home to James Madison, another FCS school. East Carolina is 2-0 and people are starting to think they are better than projected. WRONG. This game will end up being a woodshed. All week the Hokies have been laughed at in the press and looking to beat the hell out of someone. Unfortunately for East Carolina, they are that someone this week.

A wounded animal is usually the most dangerous animal. Virginia Tech may not have their usual great team, but they still have the best entrance in college football. If you can’t get jacked up for Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, then something is wrong with you.

Duke (+24) vs Alabama  & Under 58 – 3:30 ESPN

Duke gave up 54 points at mediocre Wake Forest last week, so #1 Alabama will score a lot more than that, right? That’s public perception in a nutshell. David Cutcliffe, Peyton Manning’s old OC at Tennessee and Eli Manning’s old HC at Ole Miss, is making strides at Duke, even though it’s tough to win there.

USC @ Minnesota Over 53.5 – 3:30 ABC

USC had a Hawaii hangover last week and their game vs. Virginia was a defensive game since both teams run similar pro-style offenses. Minnesota gave up 444 yards to FCS school South Dakota State in a game they lost. Trojans QB Matt Barkley was out of rhythm in the second half last week. He should be able to throw everywhere on this bad Gophers defense. I still think USC’s “Tampa 2” defense has problems and that a spread offense can take advantage. While USC recruits some of the best talent in the country out of high school, the “Tampa 2” isn’t a proven defense on this level. As great as these athletes are, they are not exactly Derrick Brooks, Hardy Nickerson,  Warren Sapp, Simeon Rice, Ronde Barber, John Lynch or any of the other great former Tampa Bay Bucs defenders.

Eastern Michigan (+10) over Central Michigan – 4 PM No TV

Last year Central Michigan beat down Eastern Michigan, who was en route to an 0-12 season, by a score of 56-8. Central Michigan doesn’t have the horses they used to have with QB Dan LeFevour and WR’s Antonio Brown and Brian Anderson. Eastern is 0-2 out of the gate, but they have played 2 close games with Army at home and at Miami Ohio. The talent gap is closing between these two teams.

UAB (+4) over Troy – 4 PM No TV

Memphis (+4) over Middle Tennessee State – 7 PM No TV

Both games have similar principles here. You have two teams that are 0-2 straight up and against the spread that are small home dogs that nobody seems to want to bet on. Sometimes you have to bet on bad teams to make any money in this racket.

On the Memphis game, the Tigers start a new QB this week (true frosh Ryan Williams), who sparked the Memphis offense last week at East Carolina. He replaces Cannon Smith who was the starter. Smith, by the way, is the son of the CEO of FedEx. The kid’s daddy also happens to be a HUGE Memphis booster. The rest of the team knows that and I think this QB switch may improve morale. Many of these players don’t come from affluent financial backgrounds so they just might be happy on the inside that the little rich boy isn’t starting under center anymore.

Indiana @ Western Kentucky Under 62 – 5PM Big Ten Network

IU has not played since Sept 2nd. That’s a 16-day layoff. In their last game versus Towson, they gave up 392 yards, most of which were accumulated by Towson’s mobile QB. I expect a better effort from the Hoosiers defense here and they have had two weeks to work on tackling drills and not breaking containment on the outside. Western Kentucky has a bad defense  that gave up 482 yards and 63 points at Kentucky last week, but I think this total of 62 is still too high. Keep in mind, the long time off benefits a defense and not the offense.

Bowling Green (+3.5) over Marshall – 7 PM No TV

Marshall had never beaten in-state big brother West Virginia on the football field. They had a 2 TD lead in the 4th quarter and choked it away. I don’t see how Marshall gets up for this game after last week’s gut-wrenching loss.

Mississippi State (+7.5) @ LSU – 7 PM ESPN U

There isn’t a coach at a major college football program that I think is more overrated than Les Miles. I think he is just terrible and he makes countless mistakes in playcalling, clock management, etc. Miss State disappointed last week by losing at home to Auburn, but this program is going in the proper direction.

Clemson (+7.5) at Auburn – 7 PM ESPN

ESPN’s College Gameday will be at this one tomorrow. Clemson is a balanced offense and I don’t like Auburn’s defense, despite holding Miss State to only 246 total yards.

Notre Dame @ Michigan State Under 54 – 8PM ABC

The Irish struggle against dual threat QB’s, but luckily for them they are not playing Denard “Shoelace” Robinson from Michigan this week. They are playing a more true pocket passer in Kirk Cousins. ND’s defense, despite their performance last week, has shown improvement over last year, as has Michigan State’s.

Boise State @ Wyoming Under 53 – 8 PM CBS College Sports

Boise has had a week off from their huge win over Virginia Tech, although it may not be as big anymore in light of the Hokies’ loss to James Madison. A week off usually benefits a team’s defensive unit more than their offensive unit. Boise’s defense is actually very good, despite giving up 30 points to Virginia Tech. The Hokies scored most of their points off of short fields and QB Tyrod Taylor’s running ability. Boise completely shut down both Hokie star RB’s Ryan Williams and Warren Central’s Darren Evans.

Arizona (PK) over Iowa – 10:30 PM ESPN

Iowa destroyed their in-state rival Iowa State last week. Now they come off of a rivalry win and have to go out to face Arizona in the desert heat. Arizona is projected as the Pac-10’s sleeper for a reason. The Hawkeyes are in trouble here.

Happy Handicapping!

New York Jets-Ines Sainz Controversy Forces Us to Examine Media in More Ways Than One by wesreynolds
September 14, 2010, 5:17 pm
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by Wes Reynolds

The New York Jets’ inept offensive performance on Monday Night Football is a huge story in the New York media market today, but the bigger story nationally is their equally horrible performance in how they conducted themselves at a Saturday practice when Mexican reporter Ines Sainz, of TV Azteca, was present to interview Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The incident occurred at Saturday’s practice when Jets Defensive Backs Coach Dennis Thurman was running an interception drill and purposefully was throwing passes towards the sideline where Sainz was standing so that the players could get a good look at her. There were also supposedly some various catcalls in the locker room directed from members of the Jets roster towards the reporter. During the practice Sainz took to her Twitter account and tweeted: “I’m dying of embarrassment! I am in the Jets locker room waiting for (quarterback) Mark Sanchez while trying not to look anywhere”. After some criticism came Sainz’s way for the various sexy photos of herself that are posted on her personal website and TV Azteca’s site, she took to her Twitter again and said: “Some jeans and a button-down white shirt and boots is not inappropriate”. Come on! Who are we kidding? Yes, that is the attire she wore to practice. However, these jeans aren’t exactly an old pair of Levi 501’s you wear when you are painting a room in your house. In fact, the jeans look like they are painted on her body. Not that I am complaining, of course. Madre de Dios.

Did Sainz deserve this kind of treatment in the Jets locker room? Absolutely not and the team should be held accountable by the NFL. They are professional football players and should conduct themselves accordingly. Nevertheless, Sainz should also not possess any fake outrage in this instance. She knows that she is a reporter, and has been reporting on professional sports for nine years, largely because she is a very sexy woman. She does possess a Master’s degree, so she is an educated woman; however, she is not employed because she knows the order of all the elements on the Periodic Table. Look at pictures from Super Bowl XLI Media Day. As you can see Colts players Michael Toudouze and Charlie Johnson were very happy to talk to Ms. Sainz. Super Bowl Media Day is a drag for most, if not all, of the participants, but I think Sainz made it a little more bearable for the guys. Sainz uses her sexuality as an asset to gain access for her reporting. I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with that, but let’s not be hypocrites here. Ines Sainz is not getting interview access because she looks like ESPN’s Shelley Smith or CNN’s Candy Crowley, who are both very good reporters in my opinion. She’s not wearing a Hillary Clinton-esque pantsuit. In fact, she looks like she should be dancing on the bar at Landsharks or Tiki Bob’s on a Friday night.

Sainz made the rounds today on all of the morning talk shows. To her credit, she is saying it’s not a big deal and wants to put the issue to bed. She has accepted Jets Owner Woody Johnson’s apology, but we all know the media is not going to let a story like this get put to bed. There is no story that the media loves more than to place someone in the role of the victim against the big, bad wolf, in this case the NFL and the New York Jets.

What we can garner from these clips, aside from FOX News anchor Jon Scott fighting with all his might against the urge to stare at Sainz’s breasts, is that the mainstream media loves “ism” stories, whether it be sexism, racism, ageism, etc. I guarantee this story will be a major topic on all of the primetime cable news shows. I also guarantee that feminist USA Today sportswriter Christine Brennan will be one of the guests.

This was the discussion today of this story on ABC’s The View. This story has made me do what I thought was impossible, which is to agree with Joy Behar. She is right. Helen Thomas wouldn’t be hired for that job, and I definitely wouldn’t want to see her in those jeans. Oh, the humanity! This discussion also proves why so many people, mostly on the political left and also some on the right, considers Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the wife of former New York Giants quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, to be a complete dunderhead. Are you really that naive, madame?

Are the Jets guilty of sexual harassment here? Maybe, maybe not. Are they guilty of being insensitive boobs? Absolutely. Watching five weeks of HBO’s Hard Knocks could have told us that.  If a man used his sexual appeal like Ms. Sainz and received catcalls, he would be grinning from ear to ear. Unfortunately, this reporter has never had a problem in that area. At the end of the day, sex sells and Ines Sainz is selling it in a major way and there shouldn’t be outrage when there are buyers for what she’s selling.