What It Takes to Be a Great Shooter by kentsterling
June 16, 2010, 3:43 pm
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by The Rainman

I know there are a few kids out there looking to be the next Ray Allen or the next great shooter in either the high school, college, or professional level, but they do not know just how hard it is.  It can be done, but the amount of time and work necessary to do it are lost on some people.  I am here to tell you that the road to being a great shooter is a long and treacherous one and there a few tips to help along the way.

The first is to be original with your workout.  What works for your friend or works for Kobe Bryant may not be the best workout for you.  You should absolutely use some other player’s workouts for guidance, but in the end your workout should be yours.  On the road to becoming a great shooter it is best to blaze your own trail.  If you need to use another workout to begin the journey, do it, but create something of your own.  It might be harder and the process of finding what is right might be frustrating, but in the end using a workout catered to your own needs will be the most beneficial.

The second goes along the same line as the first in that you need to shoot your shot.  Your shot should be like a fingerprint in that it can be used to identify you on the court.  Develop your own shot and use that regardless of what people say.  It could be the ugliest shot in the world, but as long as you build the shot for you and build the consistency to shoot it over and over again the same way you will be successful.  Again this can be one of the most frustrating thing ever.  You will struggle with it.  It will be difficult.  But when it comes down to it, creating a shot which is all yours and knowing it inside and out will make corrections and consistency that much easier.

The third and last tip is repetition, repetition, repetition (or shoot, shoot, shoot).  This is pretty self-explanatory. The one thing that above all will create a great shooter is to shoot, but beware of over-shooting.  Know your shot’s limits.  When you feel your legs getting tired to the point where it compromises the shot…stop shooting.  Whether you are done with the workout or not, stop shooting.  Shooting a compromised shot is counter-productive.  Stamina will only be built over a long period of time.  Make sure the shot you shoot is the same 100% of the time.  The three things to remember on the road to being a great shooter; be original with your workout, create a shot that is yours and only yours, and last shoot that shot!  All of these things put together will make the road a little less treacherous, but the road is yours to travel. Make the commitment and do the work!