Truth’s Tuesday Top Five: “Quick Bites” at Indiana University by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

Hey, hey.  Another Tuesday, so I get to pleasure the audience with yet another edition of Truth’s Tuesday Top Five.

Patience is not a virtue of mine, so when I’m eating on campus I look for two things: quality of food and speed.  “Quick bites” are those food joints where the entrée is constructed quickly enough so the consumer has the option of taking it with them or eating in.

So, here we go:

5) Pita Pit- Never thought Pita Pit would make this list, but after the concoction I ordered today, Pita Pit earned this spot.  One minor complaint is the lack of meat placed on the sandwich, but with the option to double the amount, I quickly spent the extra two bucks to compile the meat.  Pita Pit is located on Indiana and Kirkwood directly across from the Staple Gates.

4) Butch’s- Located on 7th and Walnut, this “quick bite” claims to own the biggest menu in Bloomington.  From pizza to grill food, to breakfast sandwiches, Butch’s diverse menu pleases every college student.  Their sandwiches are large enough to fill an extremely hungry or hung over appetite, which for many students is what we look for as long as the price is reasonable.

3) Bloomington Sandwich Company- Not a regular stop for me due to its location on North College, but Bloomington Sandwich Company is delicious!  Over a half pound of meat and cheese on their signature sub, creatively named Bloomington Sandwich Co. sub.  With its downtown location, sitting outside illuminates the college atmosphere that Bloomington provides.


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Big Ten Divisions–Where Do The Hoosiers Stand? by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

As the Big Ten Committee released the 2011-2012 divisions today, Indiana finds themselves in a precarious position. One thing is for sure, I’m glad these are football divisions and not basketball divisions because the “2nd Division” would just be absurd.

We know one thing is certain. Ohio State will either win the Big Ten or compete for the Big Ten year in and year out. We’ll take our medicine and except the fact that we get to compete against the best in the Big Ten every year. Fine, five other teams must play them as well. Hell, the last time the Hoosiers beat Ohio State I was three and a half months old.

Penn State is Penn State. They playing grueling helmet-to-helmet football with an offense that every season is unpredictable. The biggest question that surrounds their program is what will happen when the reigns are taken out of Joe Pa’s hands?

Wisconsin football and basketball run on the same tracks. I swear the Badgers out succeed expectations not just on the hard wood, but on the grid iron as well. They seem to do more with the talent they receive than any other collegiate program. That is credit to their coaching staffs.

Truth’s Tuesday Top Five: Big Ten Quarterbacks that Need Big Years by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

Throwing the pig skin in the Big Ten is not for the faint of heart or the mentally weak, that’s for sure. Come late October, early November the temperature drops, wind starts to swirl throughout stadiums, and sleet or snow may become apparent. Attempting to toss the football 15 yards to a slanting wide receiver becomes much more difficult.

Big Ten football is undoubtably grueling, especially when facing defenses such as Ohio State, Iowa, and Linebacker U. So today, I have taken the time to rank the Big Ten quarterbacks that need to have gigantic years if their squads are to succeed:

5) Robert Marve (Purdue)- Can not say I know much about Marve, other than I

Marve with Miami in 2007

knew he was a stud entering his collegiate career. I vaguely remember his tenure with Miami, but talent wise I know he is the cream of the crop. He better be because he has big shoes to fill. Joey Elliot was second in the Big Ten in passing yards, 252.2, and touchdowns, 22. Marve will certainly be tested early as the Boilermakers open with in-state rival Notre Dame, September 4th.

4) Ricky Stanzi (Iowa)- Some quarterbacks are judged on productivity and statistics, while others are judged for winning games. Ricky Stanzi is the Ben Rothlisberger of college football. Ironically, their teams have the same colors. Stanzi only threw for 219.7 yards per game. When your defense only gives up roughly 15 points a game, you can afford to do that. If Stanzi can avoid mistakes by taking care of the ball, Ohio State will have their hands full at Kinnick Stadium on November 20th.

Indiana University’s 2010-2011 Basketball Schedule Is Favorable by The Truth

By Kyle Miller


Indiana University released a schedule today of this year’s 2010-2011 men’s basketball team will be facing.  The non conference schedule is favorable with the Big Ten schedule as rugged as ever.

There should be one number on IU’s mind during non conference play and that number is 11.

Realistically, Indiana undoubtably should win at least 11 non conference games, which would surpass their entire win total from the previous year. Acceptable losses would be at Kentucky and then one against either Northern Iowa or New Mexico/Colorado. If IU could enter conference play at or exceeding 11 wins, the NCAA tournament is within their grasp.

Saturday, December 11, I’m sure is marked on every Hoosier calendar. A 5:15 tip on ESPN against the cheating scum bags themselves, Kentucky. Violations will inevitably fall on this program, but the simple question is when. Why fans in Kentucky still support that notorious cheater is beyond me. He stated that the greatest day in Kentucky basketball history occurred when John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Daniel Orton, Patrick Patterson, and DeMarcus Cousins were drafted in the first round last year. That neglects the seven banners the Wildcats have won. Those are apparently now secondary in Lexington.

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Truth’s Tuesday Top Five: Essential Tailgating Items by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

We certainly win every tailgate

Today, I left the friendly con finds of home and moved into my college house.  Moving in was tough, especially since Indiana applies the no alcohol sales rule on Sundays.  The only thing worse than moving in is moving in without a few cold beers to quench your thirst.

As I moved in I realized I forgot two things: golf clubs and my tailgating gear.  With football season sneaking up on us, my tailgating gear is 74 miles north of me.  It’s Tuesday, so I’ll give my top five essential IU tailgating items:

5) Overalls- Most likely not on many tailgater’s lists, but overalls imitate the mascot of a true Hoosier.  Also, the durability and coziness provided are a rare, but satisfying combination.  They can virtually be worn any time during football season and basketball season making them the most versatile clothing item to date.  The overalls were one of my proudest purchases last year.

4) Drinking glove- Learned of this my freshman year.  When fall arrives the weather can be sneaky brisk, especially with an ice cold “fresh one” in your left hand.  Always carry a winter glove with you during these tailgates, preferably your non dominant hand.  This way, if a football is tossed your way, a brat needs consuming, or a dip must be scooped, your coordinated hand is free.

IndySportsOnline is Seeking IU Writers by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

This upcoming fall an IU Bureau will be launched into rotation and is searching for individuals looking to write about Indiana University.

Posts are virtually without restrictions, as long as the topic revolves around the University in some manner.  Athletics is our greatest focus, but expanding topics to IU’s culture and lifestyle is also encouraged.  I’ve written blogs from begging Coach Crean to start Jordan Hulls, to identifying the top five new additions on IU’s campus.

Diverse opinions are certainly acceptable, but the key to each post is to provide a unique perspective on situations revolving around the University.  The requirements are few and simple:

  • Topic must pertain to Indiana University
  • Each post should be between 450-700 words
  • 1-3 posts per week (may include Saturday and Sunday)

Writing ought to be fun and entertaining, and there is no better way to accomplish that then having the capability to write about whatever pops into your head.

Check out our current postings at   The website will have a new look beginning 9/15 that will include advertising.

Shoot me an email at if you are interested.

Truth’s Tuesday Top Five: Ranking the Big Ten Football Coaches by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

As football season gears up, my patiently waiting skills get put to the test. College football is a wonderful time of the year, as my Saturdays become filled with IU tailgates and games followed by trips to Nicks and Yogi’s to watch the other games.

Coaching fascinates me mainly because they are responsible for absolutely everything. Their team loses, it’s their fault. Your offense goes three-n-out, it’s their fault. Defense gives up 31.8 points a game, it’s their fault. If you lose too many games, your players don’t get fired, they get fired. I have a strong admiration for coaches, so today I have decided to rank the Big Ten coaches:

5) Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) – Maybe the surprise on the board to some, but I like Fitzgerald. He is 27-23 at Northwestern taking the Wildcats to two bowl games in his first four seasons. My respect generated from the 2010 Outback Bowl where Northwestern tried to climb a mountain they hadn’t climbed since 1949, and that is win a postseason contest. At halftime, Auburn lead 21-7, but a furious comeback pushed the game into overtime. I’m a huge fan of trick plays or “trickery”, and Fitzgerald’s gutting call to run the fumblerooski (spelled something like that) on the five yard line was epic. The play resulted poorly for the Wildcats, but what gonads to run that play. I instantly became a Pat Fitzgerald fan.

4) Kirk Ferentz (Iowa) – A rocky start for Ferentz at Iowa in 1999 when he won only one game finishing last in the Big Ten. In his 11 years as the Iowa head coach, Ferentz has posted an 81-55 record, which is impressive considering his first two years he combined for an overall record of 4-19 with only three total Big Ten victories. Last year Iowa lost at the Horseshoe in overtime that crushed their hopes of an outright Big Ten Championship. Now in his 12th year, Iowa is predicted to finish second in the Big Ten behind Ohio State. I think the Hawkeyes can top the Buckeyes this year especially considering the Buckeyes must travel to Kinnick Stadium on November 20th.

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