Tom Crean Lecture—What Do We Expect? by The Truth
September 23, 2010, 4:29 pm
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By Kyle Miller

September 23 has been marked on my calendar for quite awhile now, but my wait is over and the time has come for Coach Crean to deliever his second pre-season lecture.  The lecture takes place tonight at Indiana University’s Auditorium starting at 7:30 p.m..

Last year Coach Crean marched to the podium in a red fleece that displayed five NCAA National Championships on the back.  The concentrated message revolved around the fact that IU basketball was not back to where it needs to be, but we we’re stepping in the right direction.

Now just a year later, the buzz of Indiana basketball is back.  Indiana is on several top recruits final lists, and some have already decided to wear the cream n’ crimson candy strips like Austin Etherington, Ron Patterson, and Peter Jurkin.  So what do we expect to hear from Coach tonight?

The answer to that question is I don’t know.  No one does.  We know one thing is for sure, some incompetent student will ask Coach Crean about recruits, which of course he can’t answer, but outside of that I am in a labyrinth maze on what Crean will talk about tonight.

We know he will be enthusiatic and excite the audience with his overall presence and deamonor.  We know he will speak on what each player has worked on this offseason and how the team’s chemistry is developing.  I hope we hear of the team’s preseason goals, and I hope one includes participation in a postseason tournament.

Last year the audience attendance was a bit of a dissappointment as we filled about three-fourths of the lower section.  This year, the IDS has promoted the lecture longer and more emphatically with a giant section on the back of the newspaper for about two weeks now.  I expect a much better tournout this year, hopefully stretching to the upper level.

This upcoming season certainly has a lot of questions that won’t be answered until the Hoosiers hit the hardwood.   Crean can’t answer how many triples Jordan Hulls or Maurice Creek are going to drain, or how many rebounds Capobianco is going to pull down, but one thing we know of Coach Crean is that by 7:30 he will have us all feeling assured Indiana is on it’s way back.


Truth’s Tuesday Top Five– 3:30 p.m. Kick-Off is Prime Time for Indiana by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

In my tenure here at Indiana, I have been filled to the brim with Saturday noon kick-offs, but this year has deviated from the norm.  It’s undeniable that the Hoosiers will play their fair share of 12 o’clock games, but their first true test and Big Ten opponent will have to wait till 3:30 to face the mighty Hoosiers.

I believe I speak for all students when I say 3:30 is a prime time for football and here is why:

5) Pre-gaming for the tailgate is no longer a hassle- The persistent feeling that follows you that can best be described as, HAVING to drink, is a feeling that never ends well.  Lately, this feeling has become way more common than it used to.  Occasionally, I feel as if I am almost supposed to drink rather than wanting to drink.  To all those freshmen and sophomores, you likely think I’m half nuts, but when your a senior drinking is just not as appealing.  However, with all that being said, tailgating is the one college event that I will do until I’m six feet under ground.  And believe it or not parents, pre-gaming for tailgates is part of tailgating.  Just accept it.

4) “Brunch” tailgates- Possibly the most anticipated tailgate of the season for this lone reason.  A college students wallet is paper thin, so free food and beverages are a bright light in a dark room.  Typically, my Uncle Bill marinates brats in beer, onions, and butter–a delightful treat–but this tailgate I expect him to whip up some eggs, bacon, and sausage prior to the brat fest.  Sometimes you publicly have to call out a member of your squad in order for them to step up their game.

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Indiana Hoosiers Football–Ben Chappell Awarded Offensive Player of the Week, but Not Without Help by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

My perspective on football is through the eyes of a moronic fan.  Every year I convince myself that my beloved Hoosiers, in some way, shape or form, are destined to slither their way to Pasadena.  Bashing players is not my forte, but if a good verbal lashing is due, I won’t silence my gun.

On Saturday, the Hoosiers took care of business defeating Western Kentucky 38-21.  Ben Chappell, earlier today, was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week for the second time in his career, but much of that honor should be credited to IU’s superb receiving core.

Wide receivers play the easiest position in football.  They run routes, catch the ball or block.  Sure they have to shake off a defender, but the corner or safety is usually smaller, plus he has no idea what route a receiver is about to run.  So, while I’m crediting some of Chappell’s success to Indiana’s wideouts, he is still more than deserving of the award he received.

Tandon Doss, if he isn’t already, will be the best wide receiver in the Big Ten before it’s all said and done.  It took Doss all of three seconds–or however long a kick-off remains in the air–to assert himself by returning the opening kick 87 yards to the Western Kentucky 13 yard line.  At the end of the second quarter, Doss snagged a three yard, poorly thrown pass from Chappell to give the Hoosiers a double-digit lead.  He’s 6-3 and runs like a gazelle.  He’s a shorter version of James Hardy, but tougher and more explosive after the catch.

Damario Belcher and Terrance Turner both had more catches last week then Doss, but the hands of Duwyce Wilson, a redshirt freshman, should have Hoosiers optimistic for years to come.

The emergence of a tight end is newsworthy to Hoosier fans.  For the last eight years, I’ve wondered if Indiana even had a tight end. Ted Bolser has caught a total of six balls for 93 yards and two touchdowns.  In just two game, I think Bolser has quadrupled the tight end stats from last year.

With this dynamic and explosive receiving core, look for IU to light up the scoreboard.  I’m disappointed our defense let Bobby Rainey rush for over 100 yards, but after the first series they imposed their will on the Hilltoppers.

More good news struck Bloomington this week.  The Hoosiers will delay playing their first noon kick-off game, at least for another week.  The Hoosiers play Akron at 7:00 p.m. this coming Saturday and it was released today that they will battle Michigan at 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 2.  If your a student, alumni, or just a Hoosier fan, we need to make a conscious effort to pack the rock Oct. 2.

Here’s a video my grandmother sent me a week ago.  Pretty funny:

Tom Cream Releases Video of Recent Workouts Via Twitter by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

Coach Crean released a video today via twitter on recent workouts.  Some of these stadium step workouts look absolutely brutal:

Indiana Coach Bill Lynch Talks Western Kentucky on JMV Today by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

Bill Lynch doing his Bob Knight impression at Iowa last year

Around 3:35 today, Coach Lynch spoke with JMV, who hosts the afternoon segment for 1070 The Fan-Indy’s Sportscenter, about Towson and their upcoming game at Western Kentucky.

Coach Lynch doesn’t prefer a bye week because football is about routine. And a week

JMV of 1070 The Fan

two bye between hardy Towson and mighty Western Kentucky isn’t quite an ideal situation for a team desperate to play in the postseason.

Western Kentucky football is certainly nothing to cringe at, but the Hoosiers need to get their season rolling. Most teams will have played their third game by the time the Hoosiers kick-off their second.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve played,” Lynch stated. As a student, it feels like forever since I witnessed a Hoosiers football game, but I’ll have to wait yet another week to see them in person.

Bob Knight–Would Players Want to Play for Him Now? by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

“The biggest regret of my athletic career was never truly playing for coach Knight.” former Hoosier energizer A.J. Moye said.

Moye was just a freshman ten years ago when “The General” was run out of Bloomington by Myles Brand.  September 10, 2000 was a sad day for Hoosier fans everywhere.  Bob Knight was the icon of Indiana University and his dismissal was a college basketball blunder.  Eight-thousand people gathered at a rally to bid farewell as he left Bloomington for the last time.

Knight’s coaching style and overall demeanor was unlike coaches these days.  The only coach that resembles Knight in any fashion is Coach K at Duke, but his tutorage came straight from “The Genral” at Army.  He wouldn’t sit in press conferences and put his arm around his star player, he wouldn’t befriend a player until his playing days at Indiana were complete, and certainly his main focus was not developing players for the NBA.  Instead, he’d bring whips to the podium, swear out the media, and describe his exact feelings on the game.

Coach Knight did something more for Hoosier basketball players.  He turned them from high school little boys into proud men in their four year tenures.  After four years of constant belittling, a student-athlete under Coach Knight would graduate from Indiana understanding a lot more about themselves and how to face adversity, than how to put a circular ball through a tiny orange rim.

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Eric Gordon at FIBA World Championship is Making Hoosiers Proud by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

North Central High School and Indiana University product, Eric Gordon is representing not just the red, white, and blue in the 2010 FIBA World Championships, but the state of Indiana, as well.

I have a special admiration for Gordon because I played high school basketball, and Eric Gordon was actually in my class (or better yet, I was in his).  He never showboated, talked trash, or argued with the officials.  His jump shot was, and still is effortlessly gorgeous, but his game has just gotten more explosive.

During Gordon’s one year tenure at IU, he is the only freshman to average over 20 points a game for a season, and he did so with virtually a broken wrist.  With that nagging wrist, he only managed to be named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year and was selected as an unanimous first team All-Big Ten player.

Take a look at these numbers.  When Gordon plays extensively, in this case over 20 minutes, his scoring rate is astounding.  In those four games, he is a combined 22-32, 68.8%, from the field, 14-21, 66%, from behind the arc, and averaging 15.5 points per game.