Sterling Talk Radio Tip of the Week! Top Five Ways to Increase Value for Digital News Consumers by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

If it’s Thursday, it must be time for another Sterling Radio Tip of the Week!

The media world is no longer defined by boxes – radios, computers, TVs, laptops, iPhones.  It’s defined by products.  In the traditional radio world, that means unique information, unique perspective, and unique events.

Ricky Bobby’s Dad in “Talladega Nights” says, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”  That is absolutely true in media.  When news breaks, it spreads  faster than a case of the clap in a Thailand strip club.  The question of where were you watching TV when… isn’t germane anyone.  It’s who texted you with the news.  One year ago, Michael Jackson died.  I don’t know anyone who found out via TV or radio.  TMZ reported it via Twitter, and like 100-million dominos simultaneously falling, it was retweeted to everyone under 30.  Then they called their parents to let them know.

If you are spending less than 25% of your day thinking about how to distribute your product across every one of those conveyances listed above, your day of reckoning is nigh.  Not only is your online product instrumental in reaching consumers, real-time web metrics can give you a great snapshot of what is resonating with listeners.

And if you aren’t talking about what your customers want to hear, they will go elsewhere quickly to find it.  There is no dearth of information sources out there, and more are springing up daily.

Here are five ways you can quickly increase your news/talk/sports value for digital users:

  1. Every talent, producer, show, and newsperson establish a Facebook account.  Post updates for followers at least hourly during the show.  Facebook is an incredibly efficient way to reach thousands.
  2. Tweet every piece of spot news as soon as possible, including final scores of sporting events that are of local interest.
  3. Talent should post a video blog daily with commentary that also promotes the day’s show.  To show you how quick and easy this is with an iMac.  What you view beneath this top five was created, uploaded, and is now live in less than 15 minutes.
  4. The next time you upgrade computers, dump anything with Windows and buy iMacs.  If slow-to-adapt-to -technology radio people developed a computer that answered all of its needs – especially ease of use – it would be an iMac.
  5. Encourage reciprocal communication.  We all recognize that branding is done one person at a time.  Through Facebook, tweets, emails, and video blogs, as well as good old terrestrial radio, talent, producers, PDs and salespeople can touch hundreds one at a time in minutes.

Digital isn’t for branding, it’s for product.

Next week: Consuming news and sports information.  How do men 25-34 access it (Hint – radio can be on that list if you do it right)?

Trivia – Can you name one of the original hosts on The Fan in New York when Emmis debuted the format?  (as always – first in wins a check for $3.00 – we’ve bumped the prize to $3 because Moops Media made its first quarterly revenue goal, and we share the wealth!)

Last week’s trivia

Of course, that the answer to “Name the KGO radio host who has made a tidy living talking about few subjects as often as penile dysfunction?”  is Dr. Dead Edell – the junction dysunction expert.

Pot it up!

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Sterling Radio – Tip of the Week – June 10, 2010 by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

If it’s Thursday, it must be time for another Sterling Radio Tip of the Week

Building unique content requires, by definition, something different.  PDs everywhere talk about being different in theory, but in practice always steer toward the familiar.  You know why?  Because doing something original makes its execution the sole responsibility of the PD.  They can’t pull the “Hey, it worked in Cleveland!” card.

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Sterling Radio Tip of the Week – Thursday, June 3, 2010 by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

If it’s Thursday, it must be time for another Sterling Radio Tip of the Week!

How is a media brand built?  An expectation is established in the minds of the public, and then delivered upon consistently.  That’s it.  Marketing can help, but it better reinforce the content.  To call yourself a station with attitude when you play it safe is counter-productive and frankly a waste of effort and money.  Decide how you sound, and then make damn sure you sound like that every segment of every show.

Being good every show is better than being great three days of the week and mediocre the other two.  That is why a system of preparation is so important.  Prep is that cost of consistency.

There is another cost for consistency, and that is making sure that the  host is in a consistent frame of mind each day.  That requires an environment that is consistent – both physically and emotionally.  Some hosts like to enjoy themselves a great deal on Thursday night.  That produces a different Friday.  Some PDs go a little nuts of Thursdays, and maybe Tuesdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays too.  That makes the PD a little different.