Sports From the Couch–Why Are We Surprised? by jshowal2
November 10, 2011, 6:05 pm
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by Jeff Showalter

Why are we surprised?

Major college football programs have not been “programs” for decades. The BCS is business and in business, “problems” get covered up. Recruiting and donation support dries up, you lose games, and then it repeats itself.

 Why are we surprised?

 This time it wasPennState, many thought the last bastion of a world gone by. To a lot of people,PennStatewas the Mayberry of college football. The worst thing that happens in Mayberry is Otis locking himself up for a day or two. Surely this place, a long drive from any regional airport, was were kids went to class, played football, won games and went on to long careers as business leaders, lawyers and doctors. This is where the Cleavers would have wanted their kids to go to school. No way could some shady underlying plague of unlawfulness and moral ineptitude ever happen here!

 Why are we surprised?

 I googled “college football suspensions” and in .07 seconds had 500,000 hits.

 Why are we surprised?

 Have you paid attention to what goes on inSouth Bend? Declan Stevenson lost his life last year because Notre Dame wasn’t smart enough to get out of a storms way.  Google “Lizzie Seeburg”. I’m guessing her parents are not surprised by anything that goes on in college football.  Michael Floyd has had three drinking arrests but there was no way in hell ND had a chance at a BCS game without him.  Floyd plays.

 Why are we surprised?

 Barry Switzer ran anOklahomaprogram that resembled the Wild West.  Thirty Florida Gators were arrested under the tutelage of Urban Meyer.  Bobby Bowden was college football’s Father Flannigan and I my brain reminds me of “they’re good kids” in that southern twang Bowden has.

 Why are we surprised?

 Miami? Do I need to go there? Tressel lied atOhioState. USC is on probation for cheating

Football, by nature, is barbaric. That is why we love it so. But we are aghast when this barbarism goes on off the field? Women have been abused for years by players and coaches, but only in the most extreme cases do either players lose their scholarship or coaches their job.

 Why are we surprised?

 Kids die every summer from practicing in extreme heat. Players lose ligaments, break bones and injure their brains every day as coaches scream out for more intensity and harder play.

 Why are we surprised?

 I lost track of how many suspensions the Garcia kid fromSouth Carolinahad before being permanently banned. The SEC permits coaches to over sign athletes and then kick them to the curb.  Felony charges could only keep Jordan Jefferson away from LSU for a few games and the potential national champions had three players suspended one game for smoking synthetic weed. Amazingly, all players were on board and ready to go when the bus left for Tuscaloosa last week.

 Why are we surprised?

 The BCS and its members are multi million dollar businesses, tucked away in cities likeAustin,Ann Arbor,Athens,Knoxville, andStillwater. When you have multi-million dollar businesses you have competition and like in the real world, a criminal element rises when there is no other way. We shouldn’t have been surprised by Enron or WorldCom; the banks needing saved or Bernie Madoff. We shouldn’t be surprised by the HP scandal or hookers being brought in for big clients.  Wall Street trades on the big board, the BCS trades on the rankings boards, the recruiting stars and the television contracts. Companies cover up crimes to prevent the stock price from going down and a fear of losing billions of dollars. BCS schools cover up sins for the same reason.

 What happened atPennState could have happened at any BCS school and probably had the same outcome. Collateral damage be damned. Now we watch as the lives of innocent children have been forever scarred.  Yet across America, BCS schools will have stadiums filled beyond capacity watching kids try to injure each other as coaches scream at the top of their lungs when a player misses a tackle or drops the ball. Millions more will watch on TV. I know, because I am one of them. I love watching college football. Yet we must NEVER be so naive that something so egregious can happen?

 I can no longer be surprised.


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