MLB Antiquating Themselves Out of Public’s Minds by dustinlytle
November 4, 2010, 8:00 am
Filed under: Dustin Lytle

by Dustin Lytle

Major League Baseball is fading into obscurity faster than Petey Pablo. Sunday’s Giants vs. Rangers World Series game drew a lower rating than the Sunday Night Football game between the Steelers and Saints. In other words, one regular season game less than half way through the year drew more fans watching than baseball’s shining moment. Why is this?

The days of baseball being the United States of America’s national sport are over. A large percentage of players are not from the United States. Put simply, these countries’ children (especially the Dominican Republic) group with two main sports: Soccer and Baseball. Children in the United States have many more options due to organized leagues, facilities, television exposure and wealth. Children in the United States today can play Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Track and Field, Gymnastics or any number of other sports and activities. The high-action sports of football and basketball are much more appealing to this younger generation. Not many people want to stand around and play a slow, drawn-out game of baseball anymore.  No one wants to watch these games either. This has been the case for quite a few years as technology has become more advanced.

With instant internet access, answers are only a click away. The same goes for being able to watch any sport or show any time you want. We are becoming more impatient, coming to expect this instant gratification of finding information quickly or being able to watch whatever we want. Baseball is the antonym of fast-paced, rather old-fashioned, slow and antiquated.

The NFL has taken technology and run with it. They quickly embraced Instant Replay, a big win for the sport. NFL broadcasts include the infamous yellow first-down line that is now engrained into our minds when we watch football, even in the stands. Fantasy football has driven a large growth in popularity as more people now are excited about a matchup like the Bengals vs. Cardinals when 10 years ago, many of those same people would not watch it if it were the only show on television at the time. These are a small sample of the technological advancements that the NFL has embraced.

Combine the ever-growing popularity of the NFL, the slow game play of baseball and the falling out of baseball among youth and you’ve got a recipe for disaster in baseball. Sure, baseball will reign supreme in the dog days of summer when the only other thing on is the WNBA, but when Football and Basketball are in season, baseball is irrelevant. In order to succeed in today’s modern, technology-based world, MLB needs to take a page out of the NFL’s playbook and run with the technological innovation or else be left in the dust.


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