Give the liquored up kicker a break by justinwhitaker
October 20, 2010, 11:56 am
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by Justin Whitaker

Much like he does every Sunday, Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee put a few back last night. But instead of punts and touchbacks, it was alcohol.

Move over Mike Vanderjagt (not wide right), Peyton Manning has a new liquored up kicker.

The second year pro was arrested this morning a little before 5 a.m. with a blood-alcohol content of 0.15 – almost double the legal limit.

The eccentric punter had been out drinking in Broad Ripple before reportedly being found without a shirt and soaking wet.

Uh, big deal.

Sure, getting arrested is never positive PR for an NFL team, but compare this to other teams recent disasters. McAfee did not send pictures of his long-snapper to a team employee. He did not “allegedly” sexually harass a girl in the bathroom of some hillbilly bar. He was not carrying around a loaded gun in his sweatpants in the club. There was no underground dog-fighting ring that killed countless animals.

He just had too much to drink and got caught doing it. How many of us have ever had a night where we ever drank more than we should have? I guarantee that some of us have even put that 0.15 to shame, we just did not get arrested and have our mug shot all over the news and TMZ.

Let the guy be, there is no reason for strict discipline in this case. The West Virginia product went out drinking during a bye week. Maybe if the Colts were preparing for a game this week then there could be some argument for missing the next game. But it’s the bye week, he can stay out late and drink if he pleases.

This would be a completely different story if McAfee was behind the wheel while the under the influence. If so, then the worse case scenario could have been a Donte Stallworth situation. The former University of Tennessee wide receiver struck a pedestrian, killing him after a night of drinking where he blew a 0.12.

Luckily this situation is nowhere close to Stallworth’s.

McAfee is known as a carefree fun individual, an exclamation mark on team filled with mostly periods. He is an active Twitter user (McAfee’s Twitter) and an entertaining person. Before being drafted by the Colts, the avid wrestling fan wrestled a match in West Virginia against a man named “War Pig”. On Sept. 20, he sat ringside for WWE Monday Night Raw at Conseco Fieldhouse with a group of Colts.

This guy is not a troublemaker or thug, he just likes to have a good time. While I’m not condoning his actions, all of us make mistakes and a 23-year-old NFL punter is not exempt from screwing up.

It could have been so much worse, but luckily it wasn’t. The only person McAfee hurt during this situation was himself.

Give McAfee a break, we all make mistakes. Just take it easy the rest of the bye.


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