Truth’s Tuesday Top Five– 3:30 p.m. Kick-Off is Prime Time for Indiana by The Truth

3) Friday and Saturday Night Activities- Friday nights are thrown out the window with a noon kick-off.  At my old age, my body can no longer tolerate a night of partying, then waking up to a boisterous sounding alarm at 9 a.m.  A 3:30 start also allows students to recharge their batteries after the football festivities with a quick nap before they rejoin their friends for a funnight out.

2) We beat Purdue my freshman year at a 3:30 start- Just four short years ago–at least I like to think–IU’s Austin Starr booted a 45-yard field goal to defeat arch rival Purdont.  The fans hysterically rushed the field as the quest to “Play 13” was sealed.  In my opinion, and I’ve said this all year, Michigan is the biggest game on IU’s schedule as far as bowl implications are concerned.

1) TAILGATING- IU has the best tailgates, hands down, because of the diversity it provides.  If you want to party with hard liquor and trash cans full of beer, head towards 17th Street.  If your interested in socializing, munching, and drinking with your family and close friends, that is a viable option as well.  A 3:30 start relaxes your parents because they don’t feel as rushed to get to Bloomington, and it relaxes the student because they can wake up at a decent hour and not feel the pressure to binge drink.  As an IU fan, that is sometimes the best resolve during football season.

This post may seem as if IU is a complete drunk fest, which on the weekends it may be.  Many parents may be appalled at how much they think their son or daughter drinks–mine sure is–but most of you are probably just being hypocritical.  College is four years of your life we’re it is almost acceptable to party like a rock star.  IU students take care of IU students, and as long as your kid is maintaining a solid GPA and working towards a career, leave their social life alone.


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