New York Jets-Ines Sainz Controversy Forces Us to Examine Media in More Ways Than One by wesreynolds
September 14, 2010, 5:17 pm
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by Wes Reynolds

The New York Jets’ inept offensive performance on Monday Night Football is a huge story in the New York media market today, but the bigger story nationally is their equally horrible performance in how they conducted themselves at a Saturday practice when Mexican reporter Ines Sainz, of TV Azteca, was present to interview Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The incident occurred at Saturday’s practice when Jets Defensive Backs Coach Dennis Thurman was running an interception drill and purposefully was throwing passes towards the sideline where Sainz was standing so that the players could get a good look at her. There were also supposedly some various catcalls in the locker room directed from members of the Jets roster towards the reporter. During the practice Sainz took to her Twitter account and tweeted: “I’m dying of embarrassment! I am in the Jets locker room waiting for (quarterback) Mark Sanchez while trying not to look anywhere”. After some criticism came Sainz’s way for the various sexy photos of herself that are posted on her personal website and TV Azteca’s site, she took to her Twitter again and said: “Some jeans and a button-down white shirt and boots is not inappropriate”. Come on! Who are we kidding? Yes, that is the attire she wore to practice. However, these jeans aren’t exactly an old pair of Levi 501’s you wear when you are painting a room in your house. In fact, the jeans look like they are painted on her body. Not that I am complaining, of course. Madre de Dios.

Did Sainz deserve this kind of treatment in the Jets locker room? Absolutely not and the team should be held accountable by the NFL. They are professional football players and should conduct themselves accordingly. Nevertheless, Sainz should also not possess any fake outrage in this instance. She knows that she is a reporter, and has been reporting on professional sports for nine years, largely because she is a very sexy woman. She does possess a Master’s degree, so she is an educated woman; however, she is not employed because she knows the order of all the elements on the Periodic Table. Look at pictures from Super Bowl XLI Media Day. As you can see Colts players Michael Toudouze and Charlie Johnson were very happy to talk to Ms. Sainz. Super Bowl Media Day is a drag for most, if not all, of the participants, but I think Sainz made it a little more bearable for the guys. Sainz uses her sexuality as an asset to gain access for her reporting. I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with that, but let’s not be hypocrites here. Ines Sainz is not getting interview access because she looks like ESPN’s Shelley Smith or CNN’s Candy Crowley, who are both very good reporters in my opinion. She’s not wearing a Hillary Clinton-esque pantsuit. In fact, she looks like she should be dancing on the bar at Landsharks or Tiki Bob’s on a Friday night.

Sainz made the rounds today on all of the morning talk shows. To her credit, she is saying it’s not a big deal and wants to put the issue to bed. She has accepted Jets Owner Woody Johnson’s apology, but we all know the media is not going to let a story like this get put to bed. There is no story that the media loves more than to place someone in the role of the victim against the big, bad wolf, in this case the NFL and the New York Jets.

What we can garner from these clips, aside from FOX News anchor Jon Scott fighting with all his might against the urge to stare at Sainz’s breasts, is that the mainstream media loves “ism” stories, whether it be sexism, racism, ageism, etc. I guarantee this story will be a major topic on all of the primetime cable news shows. I also guarantee that feminist USA Today sportswriter Christine Brennan will be one of the guests.

This was the discussion today of this story on ABC’s The View. This story has made me do what I thought was impossible, which is to agree with Joy Behar. She is right. Helen Thomas wouldn’t be hired for that job, and I definitely wouldn’t want to see her in those jeans. Oh, the humanity! This discussion also proves why so many people, mostly on the political left and also some on the right, considers Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the wife of former New York Giants quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, to be a complete dunderhead. Are you really that naive, madame?

Are the Jets guilty of sexual harassment here? Maybe, maybe not. Are they guilty of being insensitive boobs? Absolutely. Watching five weeks of HBO’s Hard Knocks could have told us that.  If a man used his sexual appeal like Ms. Sainz and received catcalls, he would be grinning from ear to ear. Unfortunately, this reporter has never had a problem in that area. At the end of the day, sex sells and Ines Sainz is selling it in a major way and there shouldn’t be outrage when there are buyers for what she’s selling.


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