Bob Knight–Would Players Want to Play for Him Now? by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

“The biggest regret of my athletic career was never truly playing for coach Knight.” former Hoosier energizer A.J. Moye said.

Moye was just a freshman ten years ago when “The General” was run out of Bloomington by Myles Brand.  September 10, 2000 was a sad day for Hoosier fans everywhere.  Bob Knight was the icon of Indiana University and his dismissal was a college basketball blunder.  Eight-thousand people gathered at a rally to bid farewell as he left Bloomington for the last time.

Knight’s coaching style and overall demeanor was unlike coaches these days.  The only coach that resembles Knight in any fashion is Coach K at Duke, but his tutorage came straight from “The Genral” at Army.  He wouldn’t sit in press conferences and put his arm around his star player, he wouldn’t befriend a player until his playing days at Indiana were complete, and certainly his main focus was not developing players for the NBA.  Instead, he’d bring whips to the podium, swear out the media, and describe his exact feelings on the game.

Coach Knight did something more for Hoosier basketball players.  He turned them from high school little boys into proud men in their four year tenures.  After four years of constant belittling, a student-athlete under Coach Knight would graduate from Indiana understanding a lot more about themselves and how to face adversity, than how to put a circular ball through a tiny orange rim.


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It really surprises me that no one has figured out Bob Knight. Everything he did had a purpose and non of it was to please anyone but himself. He had a goal to do his job correctly and not let pampering other people’s feelings be one of those goals. It wasn’t that Knight was so strange, it was that as time moved along people’s attitudes changed… and not for the better. Actually if one really looked back over the years he mellowed somewhat but never really changed. He had basic ideas and attitudes and didn’t compromise. Compromise has become second nature over the last 30 years for so many people and maybe that is why we find ourselves in the condition that we are now in. There is one thing for sure, if you earned Knight’s respect, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you. And if you lost his respect, there wasn’t anything you could do repair it generally outside of complete submission and capitulation and maybe not even then. I really miss seeing him coach Indiana. I used to live see that “Bob Knight” show on Sundays at noon through the season. The “men without chests” as C.S Lewis once termed them, won out and they ousted this legend by trying to make him live up to artificial standards that they certainly wouldn’t or couldn’t have lived up to themselves.

Comment by Neil Dixon

Knight’s loyalty is only dependent upon the loyalty others show for him. It’s a one way street. People are either loyal to him, in his eyes, or they betray him. The measures one has to take in his eyes to prove their loyalty are unreasonable by any standard.

Name those close to Knight who haven’t at some point been either frozen out or accused of disloyalty? Hammel? Gil Brandt? Sid Hartman? Furman Bisher? Who else? A bunch of sycophantic “journalists” and authorities in other realms? I have nothing but respect for Hammell, but he has always understood that treating Knight as a normal person was a Bloomington journalist’s death sentence.

Comment by kentsterling

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