Sports From the Couch–Hawks/Bucks Murder Basketball by jshowal2

By Jeff Showalter

The halftime score of game 6 in the the first round of the NBA: Bucks 34 Hawks 31. Bad? You bet, but it gets worse. At the end of 3rd quarter: Hawks 60 Bucks 45. If the Hawks win, there will be a game 7 in Atlanta. I implore Commissioner David Stern to cancel the game and the series. Then reward the Eastern Conference Semi’s to Orlando. They are going to crush either team anyway. Why risk Orlando beast Dwight Howard getting hurt?


Tiger Woods Misses Cut – Urine Stained Women Rejoice by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

Tiger Woods shot a 43 on the back nine at Quail Hollow today, and missed his first cut in a non-major since 2005 today, and I’m glad.

The continued reports that are released almost daily about Tiger’s behavior and attitude toward women are more than troubling.  They are horrific.  To tell women that you would like to urinate of them and beat them during sex reveals a character so flawed and troubled that it defies belief.

I am choosing to believe those reports because I find TMZ and the women who chose to involve themselves with Woods in a series of extramarital affairs with Tiger to be more credible than Tiger or any member of Team Tiger.

A Frustrating Week for Yours Truly by The Truth

By Kyle Miller

I’m pissed.  My roommate asked me to play goalie for his intramural soccer team yesterday, and after I showed my excellence between the posts yesterday in two games, I laid an egg in the championship game today as we lost 2-1.  The biggest soccer game of my life since sixth grade… and I performed like a blockhead.  Worst of all, a championship t-shirt escaped my grasp.

Here at Indiana, this week is labeled “Dead Week.”  To my knowledge that was intended to mean that teachers relax on the out of class assignments and tests so students can prepare for finals.  Yet this week, for me, consisted of a Personal Fitness test, a Marketing test, and a paper.  Ironically, the Personal Fitness test was much harder than my Marketing test.  That pissed me off as well.

Next week I have three tests within 24 hours between Monday and Tuesday, and I report to River Glen golf course at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday to begin my summer job.  I must admit I love working at River Glen, but 5:30 in the morning is awfully early.  The three tests in 24 hours are what ultimately infuriate me because it ruins my last weekend down here.

“The Runaways” Embarrasses Even Me by kentsterling
April 30, 2010, 11:03 am
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by Kent Sterling

I don’t fib to my wife very often, but when she called from her Mom’s house last night, I ran from the theater and answered her question about whether I had seen a movie with “I’m walking around the mall.  That was technically correct, but in fact I had just watched the majority of “The Runaways”, the story of the all-girl rock back from the mid-1970s, and I wasn’t proud of it.

You might be asking yourself, hey, how did this guy take the call from his wife without being a rude bastard by keeping his cell phone on during the movie?  That would be a good question if I hadn’t been the only person in the theater!

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Fire Lou Piniella Today by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

Lou Piniella believes his expensive baseball players should be playing better.  He hopes today will be a better day for the Chicago Cubs, and that Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez will start to hit.  The Cubs need a manager who can get them to play better, not hope for it.  They need a manger who can compensate for it, rather than wait for it.

With Lee hitting .193 and Ramirez an anemic .159, the Cubs aren’t going to play big ball very often, so until those two start swinging where the middle of the ball crosses the plane of the bat, the Cubs need to find another way to score runs.  That’s tough without any team speed or desire/need/urgency to execute (bunting successfully, hitting behind runners, not getting doubled off on a caught line drive).

Lou complains a lot about a lack of timely hitting and bad baserunning, but what the hell is he doing about it?  His response is usually “They’re professionals, and they need to play like professionals!”  He snaps at the media like the ink-stained wretches caused any of this.  How about telling your players to make the line drives go through, like every little league coach in the world does.

The Cubs look and play like a fat and happy group who are thrilled every Friday to get confirmation that their direct deposit still works.  There are a few exceptions.  I love the way Marlon Byrd plays.  For all the justified crap being heaped on Jim Hendry, the signing of Byrd was a great move.  Fukudome has had his typical hot April – looking like an all-star.  We’ll see if he can avoid the slide he has endured the next five months in his first two seasons as a Cub.

Donald Davidson Punches Ticket to Auto Racing Hall of Fame by kentsterling

by Kent Sterling

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian Donald Davidson has been named a 2010 inductee of the Auto Racing Hall of Fame.  Donald has been the host of the seasonal radio show “Talk of Gasoline Alley” for 40 years on WIBC and then 1070 The Fan when the 1070 AM frequency flipped to all-sports in 2008.

Donald grew up in England and developed a love of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.  In his 20s, he packed and moved to Indianapolis because he loved the Brickyard.

This will be Donald’s 47th year as part of the Indianapolis 500 Radio Network, and his 41st spending at least one hour on 1070 AM answering nostalgic questions about the Indianapolis 500.  Don’t mistake this for a show about anything remotely controversial, and if you are a caller, do not under any circumstances talk about the split between CART and the IRL.

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Harry on Sports – Friday, April 30, 2010 by kentsterling
April 30, 2010, 9:04 am
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